Pastor Daniel L. Woodward

Co-Founder of Man Camp • Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dwight

Pastor Woodward has pastored First Baptist Church since 1985. His vision to affect the lives of young people has greatly impacted countless teenagers who now serve God around the globe. He has said of Man Camp… “Man Camp is leadership training to prepare boys for manhood. It teaches that the purpose of correction, criticism, and discipline is to make you better. It is a benchmark for what is difficult, building confidence in God and self to tackle real life hardships and never quit. The preaching is powerful: the results are life changing.”

Evangelist Tim Booth

Co-Founder of Man Camp • Evangelist from Louisiana

Evangelist Tim Booth has been in the ministry for over 35 years. He has a passion for the next generation to have grit, to be able to stand as God commanded us to stand, and to be a spiritual leader. He has said… “Today we are facing a famine of real manhood and leadership.  It is unpopular to be competitive, aggressive, and assertive if you are a man, so we are plagued with people void of integrity, moral example, and courage of convictions in positions of leadership. As a result, our homes, churches, and nation have suffered. MCBFC started in 1994 with the goal of influencing young men to develop the Biblical characteristics of real manhood. We play old-fashioned, hard-nosed football combined with dynamic chapel times and mentoring by godly men. It is our prayer these young men go home different with lessons learned for a lifetime!”


Our goal is not to make great football players, but rather to use football as a tool to develop great Christians. We truly believe that football can be used to teach discipline, teamwork, loyalty, responsibility, fortitude, and the ability to accept criticism.

“Football camp was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me in my teenage years. I truly believe that I would not be in the ministry today if it were not for the great men of God that I was exposed to at MCBFC and the impact that they had on my life.”

Pastor in IL